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International Baccalaureate


IB Coordinators

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IB Mission

  • Inspire students to ask questions, pursue personal aspirations, set challenging goals, and develop the persistence to achieve those goals
  • Develop knowledgeable students who make reasoned ethical judgements and acquire the flexibility, perseverance, and confidence they need in order to bring about meaningful change
  • Encourage healthy relationships, individual, and shared responsibility and effective teamwork

IB History

Created in 1968, the Diploma Program (DP) was established in order to provide an international education where young people would be better equipped to handle and manage the complexities of the world, and providing them with the knowledge and skills to improve it.  Informed by continual research and over 40 years of experience in international education, the IB is a dynamic organization who has always promoted critical engagement with challenging ideas, one that both values the past and is open to innovation.

A rigorous college prep program, students are immersed in the full Diploma Program beginning in the 11th grade.  Students enroll in challenging coursework in six different subjects: English, Math, World Languages, Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, and the Arts.  In addition to their content areas, students engage with what IB calls The Core: Creativity, Activity, & Service (CAS), Theory of Knowledge (TOK), and the Extended Essay (EE).  The belief is that students leave the DP as well rounded, holistic critical thinkers who will change the world.

It is recommended that 9th and 10th grade students interested in the Diploma Program take a full suite of core honors classes in addition to the electives they are passionate about.  Students do not decide about entering the Diploma Program until their sophomore year.

IB ScholarAt Greeley West, we believe that all students should have access to the most rigorous coursework available to them. IB Scholars are recognized for completing three IB courses, one of which must be a two year course. 

IB students are able to: 

  • Engage in learning that makes a positive difference in their community think critically and creatively
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of situations
  • Work independently and in collaboration with others
  • Consider new perspectives and other points of view
  • Develop greater self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Demonstrate high level of resilience and flexibility 
  • Be internationally-minded and globally aware

You will need to pass each course by meeting the expectations determined by the teacher and completing all course requirements per IB. 

Middle Years Program

Diploma Program

Career Program