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Skills Test Grading Policy

Skills tests will assess short, individual skills that are aligned to the Common Core Mathematics Standards. Your student will receive a score of 0-4 indicating how well they have demonstrated their knowledge. A score of 3 is the minimum needed for proficiency as students are expected to score a 3 or 4 on each quiz.

Every skills test will be scored out of 4 points possible.  The scores are determined as follows:

Skills Test Grading Policy
Mastery 4 – Students have shown mastery of the topic.  All parts of the answer are correct, work is shown, and explanations are thorough and use key vocabulary and are clear
Proficient 3 – Most answers show complete knowledge of concepts but have minor errors and explanations are somewhat thorough, but may lack in detail.
Partially Proficient 2 – Students have one major error or multiple minor errors in their work.  Their explanations are unclear and the work is correct, or both are not fully completed or clear. They have not yet met all of the objectives for the topic.
Unsatisfactory 1 – Students have multiple major errors in their work and very little understanding is shown.  Their explanations are not clear, work is incomplete, and answers are incorrect.
Incomplete 0 – Students have not shown any knowledge of the topic. Either the work was not done or no knowledge of the topic was evident in their work.


0 out of 4 = 0%, 1 of out 4 = 50%, 2 out of 4 = 60%, 3 out of 4 = 80%, and a 4 out of 4 = 100%. 

If students receive a score below a 3 on a skills test, they will have one opportunity to retake that skills test. Before a skills test is re-taken, students will need to fill out a correction form which includes a signature of a tutor, teacher or parent in order to retake a skills test. After this is complete, they will work with their teacher to determine a date and time to retake the skills test on that topic.  The “retake” deadline for all skills tests is 2 weeks after the skills test is returned to the student. The goal is to have students retake and master the skills tests before the unit exam.